Scotch Egg
Time: 30 minutes Yield: 1 serving Watch on Youtube
- 1 egg - 1/2 pound breakfast sausage - 1 cup - Italian breadcrumbs - 4 cups Canola oil
1. Add an egg to a pot of cold water add bring to a boil 2. As soon as it starts to boil, set a timer on for 4 mins 3. Once the timer goes off, remove the egg and add to cold water. 5. After egg is cooled (2 mins), peel the egg and wrap in breakfast sausage 6. Roll in bread crumbs and add to a pot with oil at 350 degrees F. 7. Fry until the sausage is fully cooked around 1 min. 7. Remove from oil and place on paper towel and season with salt 8. enjoy just not to fast.... it is hot!